From the historical background:

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About atomic energy use in the transport industry it was much written in the middle of the XX-th century. So, the magazine «Popular mechanics» resulted the following citation from the newspaper “Hooter” from 1958: «Certainly, the nuclear locomotive will be much heavier than a steam locomotive or a diesel locomotive of the same capacity. But if such locomotive to direct on the remote highway, for example to Arctic regions it will work there with breaks during the whole winter season without additional supply. It is very easy for transforming into mobile power station. Besides, it can supply with energy of a bath, laundries, hotbeds for cultivation of vegetables».

In the household purposes Americans were interested in idea of use of the nuclear industry also. So, Ford corporation in 1958 has created Ford Nucleon concept car, but any working model and hasn’t been created. Besides, in the mid-fifties in a local press wrote that, it is possible, fast in the USA will create the nuclear vacuum cleaner.

Enterprises Atomenergoproma have a wide experience in designing, engineering and an atomic power station construction.

Building of houses from penoblokov for young families

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Recently to all of us the customers considering building of houses from penoblokov in Moscow Region whom they consider as alternative to city apartment is more often address. As a rule, it is young families which take mortgage loans in banks, invest in building the parent capital and plan in as much as possible short terms end of building of houses of an economy class from penoblokov. Young families plan

New fire depot with a two-meter fence will construct around the Green Corner in Vladivostok

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The Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Primorski Territory is ready to enclose in an infrastructure of five million dollars

New fire depot and test fire laboratory in the total cost in 5 million dollars will construct in Vladivostok by 2012. The place of a disposition of service of rescue chooses a legendary Green corner, informs RIA “Daily News of Vladivostok”.

At once two fire objects should appear in Vladivostok next year. The notice on carrying out of auctions on building on a turn-key basis the fireman of depot and test fire laboratory declared on Tuesday Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Primorski Territory.

The fire depot calculated on 15 persons on duty and two reserve cars, will appear around the house on street Sabaneeva, 22 – nearby to a car market the Green corner, it is underlined in the documentation placed on a site of state purchases. Besides a building calculated on one and a half hundreds of rescuers, here there will be warehouses of the fire equipment and hozinventarja, ognetushashchih means, and also capacity under storage of combustive-lubricating materials.


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To create a beautiful stylish interior in the house under force to everyone

To the person. Now possibilities of the building market are really boundless. However

Good finishing materials are only half of success. The second important

Component of good repair – desire and aspiration to make the house warm

And cosy.

One known European designer, explaining a secret of achievements,

Admitted that “dresses up” the house the same as decorate the bride, i.e. With love and

Interior design and architecture

Building history

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In 1978 the city General plan in which the first line of the underground has been specified has been confirmed. In 1983 there has been begun underground designing, also the first sketches of stations same year are dated. Underground building has begun in 1988, after signing of the order by N.Nazarbayev. Building was conducted on means of the allied budget, the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic paid only indirect expenses. After disintegration of the USSR of means for building of the underground at Republic Kazakhstan wasn’t. Attempts to preserve work have been undertaken, but also it demanded heavy capital investments. In 1991 the building estimate has made 457 million roubles, for needs of the underground 137 buildings, including 92 apartment houses have been taken down. Since 1994 financing began to fall on 15-20 % year and term of delivery of the first stage has been removed for uncertain time. By 1997 the state had multimonthly debts under the salary before metrostroiteljami. During this period numerous attempts to find investors were undertaken. Long negotiations with the various foreign companies («CNC LAVALIN», «Bombardier», «Philipp Holzmann») were tightened and haven’t brought result. After that, in 2003, according to a government program of development of Almaty the underground receives financing on building from the state budget of Kazakhstan. About 2005 financing of building is under control of the president of Kazakhstan. Less active civil work begin with this date on building sites more.

For convenience of representation our underground puteshestija I suggest to look at the general scheme of the underground. Our way begins from the depot located in the left part of the first stage.

The scheme of projected lines of underground of Almaty, 2009. Our way begins from the depot located in left-hand side of a red line.

The helpful information for independent studying: 3D-render all stations of the first stage

“Zhibek Zholy”

Well and now again video with pokatushek on the Gazelle on boiling tunnels of the Almaty underground. The following station “Абай”. Have gone!

Look also reportings from the Almaty underground in magazines russos and gelio_nsk

Autumn Khabarovsk

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Khabarovsk — an administrative center of Khabarovsk territory and Far East federal district Russian Federation. The population of a city of 580,7 thousand persons as of January, 1st, 2010. A square of the city — 386,4 sq. Km. The city is located on right to river bank the Cupid on Sredneamursky lowland, in 30 km from border with China, in 8533 km to the east from Moscow.

It is based in 1858 as a military post of Habarovka and it is named in honor of Russian zemleprohodtsa a XVII-th century of Erofeja Habarova. Since 1880 — the city of Habarovka, an administrative center of Seaside area, since 1884 — an administrative center of the Priamursky general governorship. Into Khabarovsk it is renamed in 1893. Since 1926 the city was an administrative center of Far East edge, with 1938 — Khabarovsk territory.

14. The reporting from the Chinese city of Hejhe). In the morning almost two hours on stoppers from the city south to the north, in the center. Two hours walk on city center also is time to go further. This day to reach to Vladivostok before dark it has not turned out and it was necessary to stop on a lodging for the night near to Ussuriisk.

As a whole Khabarovsk was pleasant interesting historical building in city center. Here it is a lot of it, and buildings are supported in a good condition. The city very extended and long, extent from the north to the south about 30 kilometers that leaves traces in the form of serious stoppers (in addition to that the bridge through the Cupid is in the north of a city and all transit transport from Vladivostok to the west and back goes through a city.

More than interesting stories and photos of Khabarovsk I recommend to look in Dmitry’s dkphoto blog. That I have seen in Khabarovsk for two hours — in general anything in comparison with its archive of reportings. Except Khabarovsk at it it is a lot of and other interesting reportings from travel.

Mattresses from ground floor numbers dry.

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Besides, many tourists complained that were ill because of awful conditions of residing. Attempts to address to tour operator had no success. And on mass complaints to the managing director of hotel on a nausea, spasms in a stomach and a diarrhea, tourists have received the answer which sense was reduced to that they (tourists) have simply overheated on sand and were bought up in the sea.

After such rest, on returning to Great Britain, 138 tourists have addressed to tour operator for indemnification. After five years’ opposition, before the next session of district court of Birmingham, TUI recognized the responsibility, and has agreed on indemnification payment. The size of indemnification officially isn’t declared, but lawyers speak about a total sum in 300 thousand pounds.

I will remind as that since 2008 there is a suit between 276 British tourists who had a rest in five-stars hotel Royal Park Hotel on the Bulgarian resort of Elenite, and travel agency First Choice through which rounds to Bulgaria were got.

Also efficiency indicators on the chosen group investment prektov are defined.

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Under each investment project the report on movement of funds which allows to define requirement of each project and group of projects for financing sources is formed. Without projects and model of the settlement account of the enterprise taking into account projects possibilities of the enterprise for financing of projects at the expense of own means allow to define model of the settlement account of the enterprise, and also to estimate requirement for extra sources of financing. At construction of schedules of crediting earlier involved credits of the operating enterprise are considered.

Risks of realization of the project

The sensitivity analysis allows to define borders of change of initial parameters at which the chosen totals keep comprehensible level.

The alto-invest of the Sums allows to describe and spend simultaneously an estimation from one to twenty investment projects. The description and an estimation of efficiency of each of projects is carried out on a single sheet – the sheet repeating a kind of model the Alto-invest.

The model gives possibility to estimate not only each project separately, but also efficiency of the general investment expenses on group of projects.

By results of the analysis of marketing activity of the companies, operators of the market have divided into three groups.

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The first group included the companies, whose activity in the market is almost monopolised or is state monopoly. These companies specialise on directions:

» The coordination, registration, reception of permissions, introduction in operation;

» Architecturally-design on specialisation;

» Working out of engineering communications;

» Working out of projects of an electrical supply;

» Gasification;

» Electrification;

» High-rise works.

For example, gasification questions solves Open Society “Винницагаз”, “Water project” solves questions official registration of papers on the right of use of water resources.

The given group of companies does not conduct active advertising activity. As a rule, it is the company which work from Soviet period (”Vinnitsagaz” in the market more than 50 years, «the Water project – since 1963), their activity is regulated by the state.

The second group included the companies which carry out a complex of works from designing, civil work before sale of building materials, the equipment.

The structures, objects of Summit stirring to building in Primorski Krai, becomes ever less

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92 percent of all buildings and the structures which have got under a pulling down, will be taken down in the nearest future

Session of the working commission on the operative and complex decision of the questions connected with withdrawal of the ground areas and objects of real estate for building of objects of Summit has taken place on February, 15th at office FGU “Far East management Minregiona of the Russian Federation”.

As Press Secretary FGU “Far East management of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation” Alexander Ognevsky hasn’ted, representatives of administration of Primorski Territory, Vladivostok, Artema, Nadezhdinsky area, representatives of managements-state customers of building of objects of Summit have taken part in commission work. The assistant to General director FGU “Far East management Minregiona of the Russian Federation” Edward Lisogor presided over session.

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